Green Juice


Hi! Hopefully you all had an awesome weekend.  Spring is definitely upon us here and it’s time for some spring cleaning–juice style! 


It seems like I’m always vowing to end the fat fest “on Monday.”  Then, before I know it, there’s another holiday or party or some other event that prompts a food celebration, which I’m totally down with… And all of my good intentions of eating super-healthy are out the window.

Seriously, it seems like it started in October for me and every holiday and family gathering since then seem to have come one weekend right after the other. 

So, this morning, I broke out my juicer and made my go-to green juice. It’s tasty, nutritious and very easy to throw together.  There are so many different juice combinations out there, but I usually just keep it simple and use things that I have on hand.  


Here’s what I use almost every time I juice: apples, spinach, celery, cucumber and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

If you’ve never juiced, it’s very easy and is a convenient option if you’re constantly on-the-go.  Just wash up your fruits and veggies, chop them into a size that will fit into the juicer’s shoot and flip the switch.  

Have you juiced before? What’s your favorite fruit and veggie combination?

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